49 Club

Lottery Bonus Ball Draw

Based on the bonus ball drawn out on a Wednesday and Saturday evening on the National Lottery.

Main Lottery draw only

If enough wish to join (i.e. 49 subscribers per night) one can be run for each night.

Cost per ball 1.00 per draw - Total amount raised 49.00 PRIZE MONEY - 25.00 per draw (providing all numbers are backed) Amount to the DP-EVH 24.00 per draw.

If this is achieved it would cover the cost of a new equipment Computers or a Digital Photocopier/printer, or its consumables for instance.

This is something we are very much in need of so help yourselves and the DP-EVH at the same time.

Image of various numbered Lottery balls


Cost 1.00 per ball per draw - only paid up numbers will qualify for the prize money.

Any numbers not paid will reduce the prize money for that draw (e.g. only 40 balls paid for total amount of money = 40.00, therefore 20.00 prize money - 20.00 to the DP-EVH.

If any number is drawn out but is not paid for the amount of prize money for that draw will be carried over to the next draw on the same night (e.g. Wednesday draw rolled over to the following Wednesday, Saturday likewise).

Please note

If you miss more than 4 weekly payments your number will be allocated to someone who is waiting for a number. The centre cannot afford to lose vital funds used in the furthering of the DP-EVH.

Thank you.


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