Case Studies

The purpose of case studies is to provide useful learning for other projects and to encourage individuals and businesses to access the services available.

Case Study 1 - Mrs C

Mrs C is a new learner to The DP-EVH. She is 53 years old and came to us in May 2013 following a move from Ireland in March.

Whilst in Ireland Mrs C was working in Leitrim Genealogy as a data clerk and is now currently searching for a job in the UK. She has a level 4 in childcare and level 2 in both literacy and numeracy. She also completed the ECDL course a number of years ago but now feels that she needs to do all this again as she has forgotten most of it.

Mrs C started an introduction to spread sheets course in June 2013 and because of illness had to withdraw, she re-started this course in October 2013 and is due to complete at the beginning of December 2013. She is also a regular participant at our IT drop-in.

Whilst going through main stream school and further learning in Ireland she had bad experiences which greatly knocked her self-confidence.

This has been carried through to her adult years and still affects her now; she also thinks she may have moderate Dyslexia. These two things together have been a barrier to her learning new skills, affecting her confidence and self-belief in moving forward. She has also struggled with the move to England with regards to services, i.e. benefits advice, JCP and utility services.

Compared to Ireland information is not readily available and many organisations are not forthcoming with it, you have to ask. Being from another country has made the transition difficult as she was unaware of what is and isn’t available.

Since Mrs C has joined The DP-EVH she says her self-confidence has grown greatly, to the point where she is already volunteering with us within the flexible learning group, where she works one to one with learners with various learning difficulties.

She feels that by coming to us she has opened up a way of meeting new people, mixing in the local community and boosting her self-confidence.

By attending the courses she also feels that she is making her CV stronger and broadening her employment opportunities.

Case Study 2 - Miss AM

I came to DPEVH in 2011 until 2012 as a single mum wanting to be a good role model and to be financially independent by being back in work.

My action plan which I had in mind was to get accredited qualifications for the work I wanted to do having already got experience in the fields of business, bookkeeping and administration but nothing concrete – no hard proof that I could do this type of work.

Through study at DP-EVH I gained Office 10 experience and Level 1 Numeracy and I soon found work.

‘Whilst you are learning at the DPEVH it’s funny how you become more of a part of the wider community and know and recognise more people in the area as everyone is sharing an experience. Another member of my family also joined DP-EVH whilst I was there.’

Case Study 3 - Miss K

I had difficulty writing things down coupled with a lack of concentration and further difficulties after having moved to a new area and being on my own in sheltered and supported housing.

But a ‘real group effort’ from here at the DPEVH has helped me grapple ‘all this technological energy’.

Having a regular day and activity at DPEVH has helped my needs it alleviated ‘job frustration’ and I was ‘able to get away from people who couldn’t manage me and in touch with people who were similar and could share their experiences together’.

Case Study 4 - Miss A

I was referred by Worklink to DPEVH to improve my Literacy and IT skills. I didn’t know DP-EVH existed.

I was nervous going to the enrolment but it was within a week that I got a letter through offering me a course. I still have the letter as it makes me feel good to reread it.

I was successful in both my classes. The staff at DP-EVH also helped me with personal issues.

I now volunteer at the Sue Ryder shop in Dewsbury and am looking forward to any other courses DPEVH could offer me.

Case study 5 - Mr A

Before Mr A found the DP-EVH, he was unemployed after having been made redundant after only 7 months employed as a Dispatch Manager. He felt undervalued at work due to his lack of IT skills and no one was willing to show Mr A how to remedy this.

Mr A's profession was Engineer Plating, but a personal recurring problem with an arm injury due to wear and tear led him into thinking about a change of career direction.

His biggest barrier was his lack of computer skills because previous jobs needed no computer knowledge. It was Careers in Dewsbury who signposted Mr A to The DP-EVH.

Once at the DP-EVH Mr A's confidence to apply his skills and experience to other types of work was discovered. He started on a basic computer course and then asked to facilitate an Open Access class.

Two tutors became role models to Mr A and led him in a ‘good way’. Avenues were opened as Mr A began to spend nearly every day at The DP-EVH. He began to offer support in nearly all the classes.

Mr A went on to take a level 3 teaching qualification 7302. He started a level 3 in Maths at Wakefield but felt frustrated by the administration there.

He is now at Bradford College where he brushed up his Level 3 in Numeracy and is now taking a Level 5 Numeracy Diploma and Cert Ed. This is due to finish in 2011. However he does feel as though he wasted a lot of time due to miscommunication.

On a personal level Mr A's frustration and anger has been channelled and he recently achieved a Grade 1 in his class observation.

Mr A's next steps are to complete his Level 5 and then see what life offers, live abroad, live at the coast. In Mr A's own words The DP-EVH has made him a better person.

He enjoys teaching over 18’s as there is less structure and would have no preference as to whether to teach disadvantaged/disabled or mainstream students but Mathematics is his key defining skill.

Case study 6 - Mrs R

Mrs R came to The DP-EVH as a learner; she wanted to study I.T. as she had no skills and wanted something different. She wanted to get out of the house due to her arthritis and the mental effect this was having on her. Due to new medication she began to feel better. It was the local jobcentre who signposted her.

Lack of confidence was Mrs R's biggest barrier, plus as she says being ashamed and feeling old.

Mrs R started at The DP-EVH with no qualifications having left school at 15 after her dad who looked after her died.

It has been role models from The DP-EVH and support from her family that has inspired and motivated Mrs R. The need to help her daughter is also a major motivation in her life.

The encouragement from The DP-EVH has given her a purpose to do and something to do with responsibility.

The PTTLS course which Mrs R completed and passed successfully has given her more stability, more opportunity and feeling personally that she has achieved something of worth.

She now delivers two classes at Skelmanthorpe library for The DP-EVH, this is something she would never have dreamt of before.

Mrs R is now taking Literacy and Numeracy Level 2 courses and wants a career in teaching and is intent on taking her DTTLS next, specialising in IT.

Case study 7 - Mr D

Originally Mr D's I.T. skills were that he had used a computer occasionally for basic tasks with the help of others. He has now progressed and worked his way through various courses. He is currently taking CLAiT Plus.

He had worked from 1998 to 2008 at Argos in Dewsbury in a warehouse, until he strained his back. Mr D was told he would have to follow a course of pain management which would mean retraining.

With this in mind he joined Worklink who in turn referred him to The DP-EVH.

Mr D has been unemployed since 2008 and to compound issues he was diagnosed with hearing difficulties. He has 60% hearing in his left ear and 40% hearing in his right and outside he is unable to hear a conversation.

Coupled with this relatively new disability Mr D has been suffering from depression. He is presently awaiting an appointment with a psychiatrist and to be allocated a C.P.N. All these health issues are new to Mr D who is trying to manage them alongside his retraining.

Within Mr D's retraining and as his disabilities have developed he has been given the opportunity to experiment with different study techniques.

For Mr D's back problems he has the freedom to walk around when necessary to ease any discomfort. To help with his hearing difficulties he sits at the front of class and with the use of accompanying workbooks he is able to follow the class.

Regarding Mr B's mental health issues he welcomes the distraction of study. Although he says he has good weeks when all that he is learning makes sense and bad weeks when he feels he doesn’t learn anything.

At times like this he believes Clait Plus is very hard. To manage his mental ill health side he writes things down. He also takes a break from his study by using the Internet and searching for Formula 1 news. This relieves the intensity of the study.

Mr D is quite shy and reluctant to ask a tutor for help so now they check frequently with him to ease the pressure of Mr D asking for help.

Mr D's future plans are to complete the Clait Plus which as he says he is finding hard and to get back into employment.

Case study 8 - Mrs U

At the start of the project Mrs U was a housewife. This is the term she uses to describe herself. She came over from Pakistan 5 years ago to get married and now has 2 children one of whom has a nursery place.

Mrs U knows only her married ‘into’ family here in the UK. and joined this course with her sister in law while her mother in law takes care of the youngest child.

In Mrs U's terms the barriers or difficulties she has faced before while on the course is the fact that sewing is a completely new skill for her

Mrs U has also said she enjoys having the opportunity to speak English in class, speaking in English stimulates and animates her. It's a language she has picked up from this country and one which she now has the opportunity to use while meeting new people, which helps to develop her social network.

Mrs U has also found she faces no social barriers while on the project, on the contrary she has felt supported and accepted.

The intervention of the sewing class for Mrs U has been very useful in terms of nurturing a skill which is highly desirable in her culture.

Because of the sewing class Mrs U says her housewife and family skills will be improved.

Mrs U also recognizes that her family will be financially better off by her having sewing skills which puts her in a contributory and empowered position.

The value of the class is echoed by the appropriateness of the course and the inclusion of equality and diversity or similarities and differences.

Mrs U is now looking in the future at being able to teach or pass on her sewing skills to others. That’s how motivated she has become from this one class.

Case Study 9 - Mr T

Mr T first came to The DP-EVH in October 2008, not quite sure of what he wanted to do with his life or where he was going with it.

Pathways, an agency Mr T was with at the time encouraged him to try a place called The DP-EVH as he had become interested in learning about computers and improving his Maths and English. He says "this turned out to be the best decision I have ever made".

He learned a lot more about himself. The DP-EVH gave him confidence to believe in himself again and to have a more positive attitude.

When he first arrived he was quite negative and didn’t know where to turn. Mr T has since made a whole new set of friends and achieved qualifications which will all go towards him hopefully, gaining employment, and the prospect of a more interesting career, not a dead end job in a factory somewhere.

He passed his Maths level 1 and is now studying Maths level 2. He also passed Business Administration N.V.Q level 1 and is currently studying N.V.Q level 2 in business administration.

He says "the atmosphere is relaxed and you can learn at your own pace and level, there is no rush, the tutors are great, understanding, kind and very helpful, Just think this could be you saying this one day".

he has also created his own CV, while doing a job search course online. This entailed looking at different sites which offer employment such as, fish 4 and the local jobcentre.

He also learned about emailing and the internet including how to log onto to the net and send and receive emails.

At the moment as part of his course he is doing work experience on reception where he answers the phone, makes calls, books in students and does various photocopying jobs, Mr T also does scanning, printing, shredding, comb-binding, word processing where he writes up various documents and spread sheets.

He says "I am finding this really enjoyable and it keeps my mind busy. I feel really positive about the future".

He would like to thank his tutors and the office staff for their help whilst doing his work experience.

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